Sunday, 27 August 2017

Week 5 Term 3

This week we worked together as a team to create a giant collage of Elmer the Elephant. Look how it grew and grew during the week. Pop in and see the finished work in Room 10.

The Key Competency of 'Relating to Others' was a focus in all our P.E. sessions this week working as teams with our classmates on a  hoop challenge .........

......and in pairs with our big buddies from Room 5 who helped us develop our skipping confidence.

At the start of our Animal Inquiry we looked at living and non-living things. One of the questions that came out of this was whether flowers were still alive if they were cut and put in water. We investigated this by popping some cut flowers into coloured water. They soon changed colour as they took up the water and after 4 days are still alive. Our estimates of how long the flowers will live for range from 2 days to 1 million days...this could be a long experiment!

 Also as part of our Animal Inquiry we were very lucky to have a cold blooded visitor in the form of a Bearded Dragon. Well done everyone in Room 10 for having a go at touching this scaly reptile.
Finally during Friday's Discovery Time we had a demonstration from some Renwick 1 expert book makers and can now make our own books from an A4 sheet of paper.

What are we learning in Week 6 Term 3

Letter Sounds: medial vowel 'i' as in 'tin' or 'sit' and 'i' with magic 'e' as in 'time' and 'kite'
Tricky Words: 'made' and 'make'
Writing:  recounts and information reports
Maths:Measurement: Time. Numeracy: basic addition and subtraction facts
P.E.: No Child Left Inside and skipping
Maori: colours, numbers, waiata
Inquiry Theme: Animals: Fish
Art: Rainbow Fish Collage
ICT:  Basic word processing skills 

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Sam is teaching Friday
Dan is in Room 10 all week
Library day: Tuesday


Wednesday 6th September final day for calendar art orders, money to Room 10 in envelope provided
Friday 8th  September: Natureland Trip, helpers needed, $8 payeable to the office please
Monday 25th September: Museum Stained Glass Window trip, leaving school 10.45, helpers needed
Term 3 Friday 27th October Nelson Masked Parade


Term 3: Ends Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

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