Sunday, 3 September 2017

Week 6 Term 3

This week we have been thinking about the following Key Competencies. 
 Take a look at some of the team projects we got up to.

In phonics we have been learning to read and spell words that have a magic 'e' on the end. Ask your child to explain what magic 'e' has done in each of these pictures.

Following the rather alarming event last week when Barnaby Bear tried a backward somersault off the board and landed in the bin we became very inventive and produced a range of seats for him.

This one even had a seating and a sleeping compartment. 
 We are currently testing them for stability...some adaptations are going to be required!
In Art this week we continued our focus on collage by overlapping crepe paper scales to make Rainbow Fish.

 In Discovery we learnt to follow instructions to make another animal friend, this time from the vertebrate group of birds. Maybe some of them have taken up residence in your own home now.

Finally we have really enjoyed having Dan working with us in class this week and are very much looking foward to him teaching more of our lessons between now and the end of term.

What are we learning in Week 7 Term 3

Letter Sounds: medial vowel 'o' as in 'pot' or 'hop' and 'o' with magic 'e' as in 'nose' and 'rope'
Tricky Words: 'gave' and 'give'
Writing:  recounts and information reports
Maths:Measurement: Time. Numeracy: basic addition and subtraction facts
P.E.: No Child Left Inside and skipping
Maori: colours, numbers, waiata
Inquiry Theme: Animals: Reptiles, tuatara
Art: Eric Carle Style Lizard whole class art work
ICT:  Basic word processing skills 

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Sam is teaching Friday
Dan is in Room 10 all week
Library day: Tuesday
Calendar Art orders are due in by this Wednesday, please give the envelope for orders to one of the teachers in Room 10
On Friday we are off to Natureland as part of our Animal Inquiry learning. The $8 for this needs to be paid to the office.


Monday 25th September: Museum Stained Glass Window trip, leaving school 10.45, helpers needed
Term 3 Friday 27th October Nelson Masked Parade


Term 3: Ends Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

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