Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Week 6 Term 1

Welcome to a round up of the learning we have been doing in Room 10 over the last 2 weeks.

We have been enjoying reading with our friends

In maths we made a graph to show the months our birthdays are in. Come and check out the finished graph on our classroom wall and see if you can spot which other members of Room 10 have their birthday's in June.

Lots of number play has been going on during play based learning as well.

 We also explored making  a puppet theatre during play based learning..a few hiccups with things falling down but a new improved model is now ready to be used.

If you are in Room 10 check out our spiders and spider stories up on our wall.

 We have been practicing out letter sounds and high frequency words in may different ways

 In No Child Left Inside we learnt how to throw and large ball with our 'w' hands and how to catch it.

 We have continued to look at all kinds on minibeast including a huhu beetle and a dragonfly

On Monday of Week 6 we went on our first school outing to see the mini-beasts at the Nelson Museum. Thank you to all the adults who came along with us. It was a fabulous opportunity to see some amazing models and preserved mini-beasts. Check out this animoto slideshow to see what we got up to.

What are we learning in Week 7 Term 1

Letter Sounds: 'd' and 'm'
Tricky Words: 'me' and 'my'
Writing: Our names and simple sentences
Maths: writing numbers to 20
P.E.: No Child Left Inside/
Maori: Waiata
Inquiry Theme:  Minibeast, ants, spiders and cicadas
Art:  Portraits
ICT: Reading Eggs App

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  Monday Tuesday, Wednesday  and Thursday 
Sam is teaching  Friday
Library day: Tuesday


Sunday 9th April Room 10's Garden Makeover working bee. 8.30-2.30. 


Term 1:Tuesday 7th February-Thursday 13th April
Term 2: Monday 1st May-Friday 8th July
Term 3: Monday 24th July-Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

1 comment:

  1. Hi Room 10!
    I loved reading about what you all got up to at the museum, it looked like you had so much fun and learnt a lot😃
    I hope can go next time!



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