Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week 7 Term 1

This week we have been learning about what to do in the event of an earthquake. I have been very impressed with what the children already know and how they were able to pass this knowledge on to their classmates.
We are now getting into the swing of publishing our writing. The comments that families are leaving in these books are lovely for the children, and for us, to read.

As usual we have been doing lots of letter sound and tricky word practice on whiteboards.....
......and .using our imagination to make amazing creations.

In maths these week we have paired up with a maths buddy to work on maths knowledge skills together. 

With Sam we continued working on using pictographs to answer questions about mini-beasts
An exciting new maths resource  arrived in our classroom this week. We now have our own Numicon set. Pop in and have a look at how we are exploring this in our before school discovery time. Below you can see how we used it to count how many acorns we had collected.

Don't forget to check out the maths display in the entrance area of the class.

Another resource we used for the first time this week was our "Silly Sentence ' game. This helps us to learn about capital letters, full stops and sentence structure, it made us laugh heaps!

In art this week we have started adding the finer details to our portraits. It is great to see this art work developing each week.
On Friday in Buddy Time we started to make balancing robots with our Room 5 Big Buddies.
Finally check out your our Talking Ant posts on the Kidzstuff blog and on the classroom wall as well.

What are we learning in Week 8 Term 1

Letter Sounds: 'g' and 'o'
Tricky Words: 'go' and 'no'
Writing:  simple sentences, captions to go with creations from play based learning time
Maths: Counting and ordering Numbers to 20
P.E.: No Child Left Inside
Maori: Waiata Purea Nei
Inquiry Theme:  Minibeast: caterpillars and butterflies
Art:  Portraits, caterpillar prints
ICT: Reading Eggs App

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday ( Classroom release on Thursday)
Sam is teaching  Thursday and  Friday
Library day: Tuesday


Sunday 9th April Room 10's Garden Makeover working bee. 8.30-2.30.


Saturday 17th June Grand Opening of our Sensory Garden
Friday June 30th Whole School Cross Country event in afternoon


Term 1:Tuesday 7th February-Thursday 13th April
Term 2: Monday 1st May-Friday 8th July
Term 3: Monday 24th July-Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

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