Sunday, 26 November 2017

Week 6 in Room 10

This week we have seen heaps of  play based learning and evidence of the children using the key Competencies of Relating to Others and Thinking. It has been especially good to watch children building on prior learning. e.g. remembering from our pirate ship floating and sinking work in Term 2 that  cardboard did not float after a few hours but plastic did. This thinking was behind a cardbaord box boat being wrapped in bubble wrap to make it float. Tesing of the boat will take place later this week.

Ask your child what they were getting up to with these colourful chickens in No Child Left Inside this week.
We have spotted lots of self initiated reading and writing going on this week, so great to this enthusiasm coming out during play based learning sessions.

Christmas was in the air on Thursday when a very modern version of Santa's sleigh visited school along with some of the actors from the Kiwi Christmas movie.
It was lovely to see some of our Room 10 friends enjoying the School Community Group disco on Friday evening. Thanks for supporting this fundraiser.

What are we learning in Week 7 Term 4

Letter Sounds: ing and ed endings
Tricky Words: 'could' and ' very"
Writing:  recounts and narratives, letters to Santa
Maths: Basic Facts
P.E.: No Child Left Inside, Swimming on Thursday 
Maori: school haka
Inquiry Theme: Fairy Tales: The Enormous Turnip
Art: Fabric and Fibre
ICT:  Basic word processing skills , word work
Life Education:  Our bodies

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  all week
Library day: Tuesday
Swimming: Thursday
Transition Evening for new families joining Kowhai..please let your friends know


Week 7 and 8 : The Life Education Bus is in school
Week 8 and 9 Firewise Programme
Wednesday 13th Kowhai Big Day In
Week 9 Visit to Cathedral Christmas Trees, date to be confirmed


Term 1 starts: Wednesday 7th February

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