Sunday, 17 September 2017

Week 8 Term 3

Welcome to our Week 8 blog. 
It is great to see children benefitting from support from home. We have seen some super writing this week and also children playing their part in moving us towards waste free lunch boxes through the use of their bees wax wraps.

For our Animal topic we have been looking at birds this week and where able to have a close-up look at a kiwi. This was a first time experience for many of the children and our parents. Our information report this week was about the kiwi.
A kiwi is a bird. Kiwis have big feet. Kiwis cannot fly. Kiwis have a long beak. Kiwis are soft. By Nieve 

Kiwis have nostrils at the tip of their beaks. They can hide in a deep place like a cave. Caves are dark. Lots of things live in a cave.  By Jordan 

A kiwi is a bird. A kiwi has wings but it can’t fly. They lay extremely large eggs. They are the only bird that cannot fly. I like kiwis. By Hazel 

 Still on the theme of birds we made collage penguins in art. Some of them are still having their final touches added but they will be on display soon.

 In maths we continued using our clocks to help us with time problems and........
 .........enjoyed looking at baby photos; trying to guess who was who.

In Discovery Time we had our first child led workshop where Jonty took on the role of teacher helping friends to make flowers like the ones he had shared in news time a few weeks ago.

We also saw lots of co-operative learning going on with great examples of the key Competencies: 
Managing Self
 Relating to Others
 Participating and Contributing

 If you are near Room 10 durig the week please to pop in to say hello and take a look at your child's work.

What are we learning in Week 9 Term 3

Letter Sounds: alternative digraphs ai, a-e, ay  and oa, o-e, ow
Tricky Words: 'came' and 'what'
Writing:  recounts and information reports
Maths:Measurement: Time. Numeracy: Basic Facts
P.E.: No Child Left Inside and skipping
Maori: Body Parts
Inquiry Theme: Animals: Amphibians, frogs
ICT:  Basic word processing skills , Slide maths app

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday
Sam is teaching Thursday and Friday
Dan is in Room 10 all week
Saturday 24th Sept Central Crank Mountain Bike event: Registration at 9.30am, start time 10.30am. Entry is $5.
Library day: Tuesday ( no books will be issued this week)


Monday 25th September: Museum Stained Glass Window trip, leaving school 10.45, helpers needed
Sunday 15th October 10-2pm Garden Tour with Nicola Galloway, starts at Renwick House
Term 3 Friday 27th October Nelson Masked Parade


Term 3: Ends Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

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