Saturday, 1 July 2017

Week 9 Term 2

Last weekend work on recreating part of the original  mural on the school fence continued. This is an initiative driven by past pupils of the school. A lovely opportunity to view and discuss art with your children.
Our week began with a number of our Room 10 friends celebrating their achievements in whole school assembly, Well done!

 There was also a special Active Environment Award for a very special member of staff.
It is great to see how everyone has become more confident this term in the use of their oral language when presenting their news and asking others questions.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been thinking about floating and sinking as part of our science component in our Pirate theme. It all culminated in the school Science Fair on Wednesday. Take a look at this slide show to see how our learning developed.

 We have very nearly learnt all of our 42 Jolly Phonics sounds and have been using this knowledge in games, reading and writing.

There are plenty of You Tube clips to help your child to practise and sounds they are not secure with yet. Here is a clip for the first group of sounds, just click on the picture.
 In our maths topic on measurement we have been looking at weight.

 This week has also been a very active week with No Child left Inside, our final session of soccer skills and of course the much anticipated and trained for School Cross Country event. Check out our Room 10 friends in the slide show below.

What are we learning in Week 9 Term 2

Letter Sounds: the sound 'oi'  as in  'oil' and 'ue' as in queue
Tricky Words: 'you' and 'away'
Writing:  weekend recounts and Pirate story 
Maths:capacity, writing numbers, basic addition and subtraction facts to 10
P.E.: No Child Left Inside
Maori: Pepeha. myths and legends, waiata, kowhaiwhai patterns
Inquiry Theme: Pirates, floating and sinking with pirate boats
Art:bubble wrap printing
ICT: maths apps

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Friday, Sam is teaching  Thursday
Library day: No library books will be issued this week due to term stock take.


Monday 3rd July: Suter Gallery Trip Kowhaiwhai workshop, leaving school 9.00, helpers needed
Wednesday 5th June: Student led conferences for parents and children, after school
Friday 7th July hangi $10 per person, tickets on sale now outside the library before and after school


Term 2: Monday 1st May-Friday 8th July
Term 3: Monday 24th July-Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

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  1. I loved your floating and sinking exhibition at the school Science Fair Room 10. A lot of very different and great looking boats. Well done.
    Natasha (Olive's Mum)



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