Sunday, 21 May 2017

Week 3 Term 2

As colds and sniffles seem to be on the increase we have been learning about how important it is to wash our hands after sneezing or coughing into them or blowing our noses. We all wet our hands, then Tracy put some glitter on her hands and we shook hands with each other. We all ended up with glitter that had passed from one person to another...just like germs can. Why not try out this experiment at home to also help brothers and sisters learn about the importance of hand washing.
We have been thinking about Autumn and collected leaves to use as part of our Art focus on 'printing'. We will be displaying our work along with some written descriptions of Autumn later this week.

News groups are going well...we loved this recycled dragon!
Despite the wet weather on Wednesday we were able to have a fun hockey lesson..definitely some budding talent on show from Room 10, well done.

In maths with Sam we have started our topic on measurement. This week we were learning about height.

In number work we have been looking at number patterns using all the different ways to make 10.
On Friday with our Room 5 buddies we drew around each other to make chalk characters.
I particularly liked this pirate..he looks pretty scary.
We had a visit from some Enviro Agents this week to look at how much non-recyclable packing was in our lunch boxes. We found some good ideas for environmentally friendly packaging. Lets see if we can reduce our waste next week.

 ...and of course there was heaps of creative thinking going on during Play Based Learning time.

What are we learning in Week 4 Term 2

Letter Sounds: 'z' and 'w'
Tricky Words: 'some' and 'little'
Writing:  weekend recounts, pirate descriptions
Maths:length, writing numbers, one more/one less than
P.E.: No Child Left Inside, 
Maori: Pepeha. myths and legends, waiata
Inquiry Theme: Pirates
Art:Leave prints
ICT: Letters and Sounds app

Events Coming Up


Tracy is teaching Monday to Thursday, Sam is teaching Friday
Library day: Tuesday
Saturday: Rogaine Family Adventure Race


Friday 9th June Pirate Trip to Rabbit Island, helpers needed, times to be confirmed
Saturday 17th June Grand Opening of our Sensory Garden
Wednesday 21st June Museum Myths and Legends trip leaving 9.30 helpers needed
Friday June 30th Whole School Cross Country event in afternoon
Monday 3rd July: Suter Gallery Trip Kowhaiwhai workshop , leaving school 9.00, helpers needed


Term 2: Monday 1st May-Friday 8th July
Term 3: Monday 24th July-Friday 29th September
Term 4: Monday 16th October-Wednesday 20th December

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  1. Well done Hazel for washing your hands. You haven't caught your sisters cold because you've been so careful this week.



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